Overview of God's seven angel-agents who execute the  Seal,
Trump and Vial plagues in the last half of the Tribulation.

Note: For clarity I will be using  (for example)  "7" for seven.

The first four of the 7 angels are  the  Four horsemen of the
Apocalypse,  they are renowned as riders of destiny,  they rode
in the past where God used them to punish evil nations, and they
will ride again in the last half of the tribulation.  The horses  are
symbolic, but John did see them as 3D images, red,  white, etc.
(place cursor on Rev.6:2,  Rev.6:4,  Rev.6:5, and Rev.6:8)

John saw in vision 7 angels executing first the 7-Seals followed by
the 7-trumps, then the 7-vials. Now just because John saw things
in a certain order does not mean that they will happen on earth in
the same order. For example, Let's say that God, through a pro-
phet, told a woman that in a 7 year period, she was going to have

4 girls and 3 boys. And, sure enough, in 7 years she had 4 girls,
and 3 boys. Did she have them in that sequence?  No!  We'll say
for an example, that she first had 2 girls, then 1 boy, 1 more girl,
2 boys, and 1 more girl. So the telling part is 4 girls and 3 boys, 
but the action part is 2+1+1+2+1.

The sequence view of 7 seals, followed by 7 trumps then 7 vials
held by most, does not work because it places three of the four
obvious last day events from 1 to 3 1/2 years before the last
day. I believe God showed John the vision in this sequence to
simplify it, as with the woman with 4 girls and 3 boys.

Before continuing I would like to state that those of us who have
done extensive study on the seals,  trumps, and  vials, will have
different views; this is a very complex topic. The following is my
opinion after 40 years of study, using only the KJV Bible and the

Strong's Concordance....

I will begin by saying the 7 angels (angels are spirits) that stood
before God's throne in Rev.1:4, Rev.4:5, Rev.5:6, and notice in
this last Scripture that God sends these 7 spirits (angel-agents)
unto all the earth; yes, the same 7 that execute the plagues in
the last 3 1/2 years... Remember, there are only 7 angels that
execute all of the judgement plagues, so each was given a seal,
a trump and a vial, 3 plagues each, each in turn, on-going until
the end of the 3 1/2 yrs, including the Last Day. You will notice
that by using this rotation system, allof the last day events,  
are executed by the 7th angel.... on the last day.   

          All verses quoted are KJV, for an instant reference in the
          English Standard Version, place cursor on chapter/verse

Rev.8:7             Rev.16:2

1st Angel ....... 1st Seal ......... 1st Trump .........  1st Vial
on White ........... went ............. hail and fire ..... bowl poured
Horse ............... forth.............. cast on the ....... on the Earth.
plagues .......... conquering......... Earth. ........... sores on men
the  Earth.                                                           with the mark

........................ Rev.6:3-4 ..........Rev.8:8-9...........Rev.16:3

2nd Angel ......2nd Seal..........2nd Trump..........2nd Vial
Red Horse kill............ 1/3 of Sea............all of Sea
plagues ...........each other...........became................became
the Sea ............[blood]............. [like] blood......... [like] blood

....................... Rev.6:5-6 ..........Rev.8:10-11 ........
3rd Angel ....... 3rd  Seal...... ...3rd Trump..... ......3rd Vial
on Black .......... famine........... 1/3 of Rivers...........Rivers,
Horse ............... and ............... fountains............ fountains
plagues ............ rationing..........poisoned...............[like] blood
the  Rivers                                                                                       

........................ Rev.6:7-8 ..........Rev.8:12-13 ........ Rev.16:8-9

4th Angel          4th Seal..........4th Trump.............4th Vial
Pale Horse ...... kill with.......... 1/3 of  Sun, ........was poured on
plagues the .......sword and ......moon, stars,....... the Sun and
Sun, moon ....... hunger............ darkened. ......... scorched men
and stars ............................ 3 trumpet woes ...    . with  heat
                                                  yet to follow.                            

The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse have executed the first 12
of God's 21 judgment plagues.


Now entering the last 3 Angels,
that the above 4th Angel warned
the world about, each with a trumpet woe, along with a seal and
vial  (the remaining 9 plagues). Remember, true Christians are
(protected), as we were from the plagues of the previous 4.

......................... Rev.6:9-11 ........Rev.9:1-12 .........Rev.16:10-11
5th Angel......... 5th Seal..........5th Trump..............5th Vial
.......................souls under......bottomless pit......  darkness, pains
.......................altar, given.......locusts sting..........and sores, men
.......................white with mark.......repented not long?........ 1st woe ...............cursed God

God's Day of Wrath......................... begins at the  6th Seal

                       Rev.9:13-21       Rev.16:12-16        Rev.6:12-17 
6th Angel      6th Trump.......   ...6th Vial                6th Seal      
                       Euphrates .... .  ... Euphrates.           Beginning    
                       angels loose ...  . ..dried up              of Last Day 
                      1/3 men killed ..   ."I Come               Earthquake  
                       those left ......... .   as a thief"           Day of wrath 
                      repented not           2nd woe              has come     
                        Rev.8:1-5           Rev.16:17-21         Rev.11:15-19
7th Angel      7th seal               7th. Vial                7th trump    
                       silence in            voice from            Kingdom has
                       heaven                the throne,             come. Day  
                      1/2 hour.            "it is done"              of wrath.    
                     Earthquake          Earthquake            Earthquake  
                      Last Day             Last Day                 Last Day    
                                                                                 3rd woe

The 4 events in the above shaded areas all take place on the Last
Day "God's Day of Wrath" and they run concurrently (acting together) throughout this day. 
I believe we are taken above the earth for all of this day standing "onthe sea of glass, "And I saw as it were a  sea of glass... and them that had gotten the victory over the beast, and over his imageand over  his mark..... standing  on  the sea of glass...." (Rev.15:2 KJV).  At the end of this day, we return with Jesus for the wedding supper and 1,000yr reign. Luke 22:16 and 18. 

Below is how these events would come out...

if they were listed in sequence (as most believe), of the
7 seals,
followed by the 7 trumps then the 7 vials. As you will see there
are major problems that are not consistent with God's word.

Remember now, there are only 7 angels (spirit beings) that
execute the
21 plagues (Rev.1:4, Rev.4:5, and Rev.5:6). So each

of the 7, have a Seal, a Trump, and a Vial, plague

The 7 Angels
execute the 7 Seals in sequence, (drama #1):

1st Seal, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th.... no problem, but now notice
what takes place at the 6th Seal: 

6th Seal: 
Great Earthquake _ Sun becomes black _
Great day of His wrath has come...

6th Seal is a last day event, as is the 7th Seal, and they

both can't take place three years before the last day.  ____________________________________________

Next the same 7 Angels deliver the 7 Trumps, (drama #2):

1st Trump, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, problem, now notice
what takes place at the
7th Trump:

7th Trump,

The kingdoms of this world have become the kingdoms of
our Lord, and of His Christ; and He shall reign for ever.
hy wrath is come...time to give rewards to the prophets
and to the earthquake and great hail.

The 7th Trump should be (and will be) the last event, at the
end of the last day, this is obviously the beginning of the 1,000
year reign, 7 Vials cannot follow this!! .....

.....However..... most believe they do......

So, here are the same 7 Angels with the 7 Vials, (drama #3):

1st Vial, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and then the 7th Vial:

7th Vial:
A voice saying it is done _ Great Earthquake _ Hail ...

This Vial is also a last day event, but must take place
before the
7th Trump,
or at the same time.


Now a brief recap of the 3 dramas as presented on my main chart
(not as presented in the faulty above list), and more on
drama #4:

Drama #1.
The 7 Angels with the 7 seals. Rev.6:1, to Rev.8:5.

Drama #2. The 7 Angels with the 7 trumpets. Rev.8:6, to Rev.12:1.

Drama #3. The 7 Angels with the 7 Vials. Rev.15:1, to Rev.16:21.

Drama #4. The temple, throne and altar drama, which I will.
call the "Heaven Drama", and is on-going through
Revelation chp.4:1, to the end of Revelation.

seal, trump, and vial, dramas (on my main chart) along with
heaven drama, all go along together, it is one story, all four
dramas should be superimposed over each other.
(cover later).

In short the 3 earth dramas are on-going from Rev.6:1, to 6:19.

The heaven dramas (temple, throne, altar), Rev.4:1, to Rev.22.
They are all on-going at the same time, and are different parts
the same story, filling in different details, as was common
among ancient authors. To present these 4 dramas moving along
at the same time would be too overwhelming to read or compre-
hend. I will go into this in detail later on.

I will briefly cover the heaven drama #4,
that moves along
with the 3 earth dramas This one opens in Rev.4:1, John sees
in a vision that a door was opened in heaven, then in v-3, he
sees the awesome Almighty God, sitting on a great throne.  

And in verses 4 to 8, he sees God's government in heaven:

First is the Godhead, God the Father, God the Son, and God the
Holy Spirit. Secondly, is the four living creatures called cherubim,
close to the throne. Thirdly, the 24 elders farther out, fourthly

the 7 great archangels out farther in front of the throne. Yes, the
same 7 angels that deliver the seals, trumps and vials.

I will try to analyze the functions of these officials, (the best that I
can). First is the great King of the total universe (God the Father).
Second, His Son the Word and great Prince over the angel's and
all of the kings of the earth,(God the Son). Third, God the Holy
Spirit who is high manager of the universe, He knows what the
Father and Son want and either acts on it or passes orders on to
the four cherubim. They in turn, delegate the 7 archangels to
oversee the affairs of the earth. (my opinion)

Now I will go into detail, as best as I can, on God's 7 angels that
He will use to deliver the seals, trumps and vials. First I want to
make it clear that angels are spirits (Ps.104:4, Heb 1:13-14), and
they have form, because they are seen. In the beginning of the
book of Revelation we first see the 7-angels in Rev 1:4,
spirits (angel persons), which are before God's throne."
Many say this is the 7-fold spirit of God. No such thing because

7-spirits is
plural, and a 7-fold spirit would be like saying God
needs a larger Spirit. God's Spirit is omniscient, Deity and can't
be enlarged.

So, these 7-spirits (angels) standing before His throne in Rev 1:4,
are OF GOD, belonging TO GOD. And now go to Rev 4:5,
these 7-spirits (angel's) ,were standing before God's throne,
" the midst of the throne...was Jesus, having [with Him]
7 horns and 7 eyes, which are the 7-spirits (angels) of God. God
has now delegated the 7-spirits (angels) to Jesus. "Horn" means
leader or king (Rev 17:12, Dan 8:20), and 7 eyes meaning all
knowing, because they represent God. So, I have just shown you
that "spirits" are persons, and "horns" are persons. In fact, Jesus
said in John 4:24, "God is a spirit.." However, all spirits have form.

hree verses after the above throne scene of Rev 5:6, Jesus
in v-9, opens the book with the seals and delegates this to the
7-angels that were standing before God's throne earlier. However

it doesn't say that Jesus gives the 7-angels anything, so the seals,
trumps and vials had already been given to the 7-angels when
they were standing before God's throne earlier. These were
probably all symbolic anyway, so what God gave them was the
authority to execute these plagues at a time that Jesus so chooses.

However in Rev 8:2, it says the 7-angels were given 7-trumpets,
but it also says they got the trumpets when they stood before
God, which they had done earlier in Rev 1:4, 4:5, 5:6, and
these 3 verses were when they actually did stand before God.
So, I believe Rev 8:2, was John getting a flash back, and was in
retrospect to when John saw them standing before God earlier.

lso the above is true about the 7 vials in Rev 15:1, this  seems
to verify the retrospect idea, because this verse states that the 7-
angels already had the 7 vials, and down a few verses to Rev.15:6
it states again they already have these 7 vials, and the next verse,
Rev.15:7 says the "four living creatures gave unto the 7 angels the
7 vials full of the wrath of God." And this was after twice stating
they already had them? And they did, because they were given

to them earlier by the four living creatures when, they too, were
standing before God in the earlier event described in the three
verses of Rev 1:4, Rev.4:5, and Rev.5:6. I feel certain that these
two events of giving the trumps and vials were both in retrospect
to when the 7-angels stood before God earlier.

apologize for the redundancy of the above three paragraphs,
but understanding this is the only way the seals, trumps, and

vials, will ever be consistent with Gods word. Remember,
John was seeing visions and flashbacks of visions, and later on,
as he was writing all of this down, he was flashing back to the
earlier event, and we can be certain that he also, did not under-
stand. When the prophet Daniel was shown several visions and
heard many things, he said he didn't understand. And he was
told that it wasn't for him to understand, but at the time of the
end the wise shall understand (Dan.12:8-9). And now in our time
as we are seeing some end time events unfolding (Israel a nation
again, etc), God will continue to reveal more details so we will

And John also described the ocean being turned into blood when
in fact, God will probably turn it into a red tide (this also kills life).
And he said stars were crashing into the earth, when in fact, these
are meteors. The visual part of dreams and visions are somewhat
unclear, but in this case the important part is the message that
God is conveying to John (and to us), is in the form of a puzzle
that we have to put together so that it conforms to God's Word,
which I believe my chart does. Remember, Revelation, Daniel,
(and other books), were written with the heavy use of symbols,
and Jesus taught with parables. We have to figure it out!!

Now back to drama #4, (heaven drama) that opens in Rev.chp.4
and 5, then at chp.6, the 3 earth dramas of the seals, trumps and

vials begin, and at this time the archangel Michael in Rev.12:7,
and his angel army, sweeps the "dragon" government of Satan
and his bad angel's out of the air heaven, and down to the earth.
God and His hosts move down into the air heaven to control the
devil and the A.C. system thats on earth at this time, (Rev 12:10).

The above event (Satan cast down to earth), starts the last half of
the tribulation, and at this same time (Rev 7:2) John sees an angel
ascending from the east, holding back the 4-angels (4-horsemen),
until the servants of God have been sealed. God's wrath does   
not fall on us, only those who have the mark (Rev.16:2).Those
who do not have the seal of God. "...after you believed, you were
sealed (Eph.1:13).

Then (Rev 7:4-8) after the 144,000 have been sealed, (protected
from God's wrath) along with us, as is evident in Rev 7:9-14. Only
then is the 1st of the four horsemen, the angel on the white horse,
let loose by Jesus' opening of the 1st Seal,
to execute this 1st
plague on those who do not have the seal of God. It would be
redundant at this point to list each of the 7-angels involvement in
the execution of all of the 21 plagues. Suffice it to say that each
of the 7-angels has a
seal, trump, and a vial,
and they execute
them in that order, 3 plagues each, each in turn, starting at the
beginning of the last 3 1/2 years, which happens at Rev 6:1.

Also at Rev 6:1, Satan and his angels are cast down to the earth
(Rev 12:7). And we know that the *two witnesses start their
ministry at this same time (last 3 1/2 yrs), because Rev.11:3,says
God's two witnesses will preach 1,260 days (3 1/2 yrs) because
of this we now know for certain that Rev 11:1 overlaps back to
Rev. 6:1 (the beginning of the last 3 1/2 years). And we know
for certain that Rev.7:3 also overlaps back to Rev.6:1 because
Rev.6:1-12, states that 6 of the seal plagues had already been
carried out when, in fact, they were not, because Rev.7:1-3, 
says these angel's were held back (from executing their plagues)
until, the servants of God have been sealed (Rev.7:3).

So, the above paragraph proves for certain that:

Rev chp 7, has to happen at the same time as Rev chp 6.
Rev chp 11, also has to happen at the same time as Rev chp 6.

And Rev chps 7, and 11, are not the only chapters that goes
back to Rev.6:1, they all do up to Rev chp 19, its one story 
with many different layers, each with new details, all going back
to Rev.6:1, except the heaven drama goes back to Rev.4:1, all

four dramas (
seal, trump, vial, and heaven) , are all one story
being added to like layers of paint, one on top of the other, each
with different details mixed in, because its too overwhelming to
tell this story with all of the dramas going along at the same time.


* The two witnesses(mentioned in the 2nd paragraph up)

Rev.11:3-19, v-4 "And I will give
power unto my two witnesses,
and they shall preach 3 1/2 years" So, this would put them at the
start of the last 3 1/2 years to the end. These two would have to
be flesh and blood men because just 3 1/2 days before the great
earthquake on the last day, they are killed by the AC (Rev.11:7)
So the fact they can be killed proves they are not spirits (Moses
and Elijah). And if anyone tries to hurt them they can kill their
enemies with fire, and they can plague any part of the earth. God
does allow these two to be killed when there are just 3 1/2 days
left, and the world rejoices over this event, and they leave their
dead bodies laying in the city of Jerusalem for 3 1/2 days.

And after 3 1/2 days the spirit of life from God entered into them,
and they stood upon their feet; and great fear fell on the people
that saw this. And then they heard a great voice saying unto them,
"Come up here." And in the same hour there was a great earth-
quake (the 1st of the 4 earthquakes that happen on the Last Day.

And (hours later) Rev.11:15 "And the 7th angel sounded; and
there were voices in heaven, saying, The kingdoms of this world
are become the kingdoms of our lord, and of His Christ; and he
reign for ever and ever." This, of course, is the beginning of
the 1,000 year reign of Christ on earth.

The Beasts of Perdition....

That make up the 4th endtime A.C. kingdom, is described
by John in Rev.13:1-2, to be a single beast, that is
up of three beasts, but it looked like a leopard, only it had

the feet of a bear, and the mouth of a  lion. This endtime
kingdom will be ruled by the Antichrist and will be
centered in the middle east, and
will come to power in

one of the four parts that the geographical land area of
the old Alexanderian empire was split into by his four
generals after he died. The entire, unsplit area was rep-
resented by the symbolic leopard that is described by
John in Rev.13:1-2.


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